Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black Satan-Only Appearance-Yankee Comics-1941

The dapper gentleman seen here is one Black Satan, an oddly named one-shot masked hero created by Charles Sultan for the first issue of Harry "A" Chesler's YANKEE COMICS in 1941. There were more issues...but no more Black Satan.

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=link said...

Another great discovery! Chas Sultan is a GA fave of mine. He was a cut above the run of the mill hacks that populated most of the GA world. He did some wonderful work for Quality, never stinting on the detail of the brushwork. His work here seems a bit rushed--and he's imitating Kirby, a bit. But even here, you can see how solid his work is. His layouts and compositions show his firm grasp of the basics. His brushwork is firm and confident--no hesitant ink splashing. All in all, a nice little story. Thanks!