Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocketman-Panic on Pluto!-1952-H.C Kiefer

ROCKETMAN was the eponymous hero of a 1952 one-shot from Farrell Publishing (although apparently more stories were published in other titles). This is the final story from the book, drawn by H. C. Kiefer. Kiefer was a longtime pulp illustrator who transitioned into comic in the mid-1930's. His overall output was pretty big but most of his work appeared in lesser titles or backup stories. Although never a favorite of mine, his pages are well-laid out and have a rough style all their own. Kiefer's main claim to fame in comics history is that he was the primary artist for the first few years worth of issues of that long-running favorite title of schoolchildren everywhere beginning in the late 1940's, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED.

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