Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kismet, Man of Fate-Bomber Comics-1944

Is Kismet the world's first Islamic comic book superhero? Created by Omar Tahan (a real name or a pseudonym? The Eisneresque art is too good to have not heard of this guy before) and appearing in four issues of BOMBER COMICS toward the end of WWII, this is his strangest adventure. We open with Satan, wearing a light opera costume for some reason, lamenting Uncle Adolf's progress he sends along a devilish femme fatale to step up the evil quotient. Ultimately, our hero, Kismet, ends up taking on Hitler himself!

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bottleimp said...

Is it possible that the artist is Paul Cooper of the Iger shop? The style is similar in its caricature-like treatment of the Nazi villains to Cooper's artwork in "Spitfire Sanders," Spitfire #132 (Elliot [Gilberton], Aug. 1944).