Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Green Turtle-Blazing Comics-1944

Okay, what's wrong with this picture? Tell me--what does the Green Turtle look like? Look closely now. He's in a lot of panels not a single one does the reader ever get a good look at his face! What in the world is THAT all about? The Green Turtle is seen from behind a lot, covers his face other times and is in shadow the rest! Even his evil double is never shown in a good shot!!! Paul Reinman did a few issues of GREEN LANTERN where you rarely saw GL's face and I never understood that but here you NEVER do! Could it be something to do with "Green" heroes? Has anyone ever gotten a good look at the Green Lama? A good story though if one puts the racial stereotypes in to the usual historic context.

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Anonymous said...

I'd read somewhere - sorry, don't recall where - that the creator of this character intended him to be Asian. There was enough controversy over this choice between the publishers and the creator that the artist ended up depicting him in shadows or from behind. In this way, they didn't have to comply with the publisher's request to make him white -- but still couldn't be called out for disobeying the publisher's command. Does anyone have more substantive info about the Green Turtle?