Saturday, December 29, 2018

"Thompson is in Trouble"--A GoFundMe Request

My name is Steven Thompson aka Booksteve, and I live in Northern Kentucky with my wife Rene and son David. I'm a writer with a  dozen blogs who has been bylined on more than 28 books and articles in recent years and appeared on television documentaries.  Rene is a genealogist who works as a disabilities advocate and David is a college student, studying to be a teacher. We have two cats--Callie and Hobie--and one dog, Pepper, all rescues. 

We’ve shared a lot of GoFundMe campaigns in the past few years and even created a few for friends in dire circumstances. Guess it’s our turn now.

 We aren’t living beyond our means. We haven’t gone to movies, restaurants, concerts, conventions, or any other events in years. Rene’s smart phone is provided by her job. Neither David nor I have one. Until recently, we’ve gotten along just fine with Rene’s work, David’s tutoring money, and my part time bookstore job and income from writing, proofreading, and transcription.

But then the bookstore job went away and I had to give up the low-paying transcription work due to health and technical issues. My other freelance income slowed to a crawl. Right now, I have half a dozen projects but they’ve either already been paid or will be paid down the line on publication. Still, I should be working on them but I spend much of my days looking for jobs. I’ve applied for several recently that I’ve been extremely qualified for but I keep getting passed over.

So this December finds us a month behind in the mortgage, utility bills, car payment, and more, and borrowed ahead to stay as caught up as we are.

And now David, whose college education has been thankfully handled entirely by scholarships, needs application fees for Grad School and we simply don’t have the money.

On top of that, January has a number of one-off payments such as car taxes and driver’s licenses and now, after a trip to the ER today, medical bills.   

So we swallow our pride and ask if anyone in a position to do so might please help us catch up on our bills as the new year begins and help sponsor David as he continues along his journey to becoming the teacher he’s always wanted to be.  

I'm still looking for regular work and I'm still looking for paid writing, etc. gigs, but a little boost to help ease the anxiety right now would be truly appreciated. 

NOTE: Regular posts will return January 2nd.

Super Duck-1951

Here's another of those old-time radio-related comic book stories that I like. It may or may NOT be drawn by Al Fagaly, who usually signed his work. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Ultra Violet-Dan Barry1947

Some wonderful cartooning and a silly script make this fun tale drawn by Dan Barry, known for more serious work like FLASH GORDON.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Passenger-Don Heck/Bill Everett-1966

Not their best work but an interesting combination of art styles in Heck and Everett. Curious as to why Bill felt the need to be credited as "Willie Bee" as that sort of thing often means dissatisfaction with the finished product. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Nuclear Super-Hero-Bernard Baily-1967

Hard to believe that editor Jack Schiff, working for the company that gave the world Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, could come up with such a dull, generic superhero at the height of superhero popularity. The ambiguous ending seems to call for a reader vote on whether het should continue. He did not.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Li'l Jinx-Joe Edwards-1975

After yesterday's looong story, here's a short one.