Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tommy Tot and the Heir Corps- Tim Howe-1946

This is one of the freakiest stories I've ever seen in a comic. Poor little Bonnie is verbally abused by her father and then accosted in her own bedroom by several odd characters known as Peeves who offer to take her to "No Restriction Land." Needless to say, it's all a ruse for these lecherous (see the last panel on Page 4!!) male characters to get this little girl alone and turn her into a dumbbell! Oh, but don't worry! Tommy Tot and his Heir Corps are on the job! Although they look like babies, the fact that they live in "Justbeforeland" and are smarter than the kids they save implies strongly that these are somehow sentient fetuses who enter the real world to rescue children in trouble. Riding his trusty stork, Sterling, it's Tommy to the rescue defeating Pet peeve and all the other Peeves and teaching Bonnie that the grass is always greener before deciding it's time to "hit the sack." This 1946 story is one of two Tommy Tot tales in Fox's one and only issue of NUTTYLIFE. Wow.

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MMcQuown said...

I remember seeing this one along with The PIe-Faced Prince, Billy the Kid (A goat who was the sheriff of a western town full of anthropomorphized animals) and Leo the Pard, a Leopard swashbuckler with a secret identity and a collapsible sword