Friday, June 4, 2010

The Beautiful Robot-Alex Kotzky-1951

Alex Kotzky was a very talented comics artist who started out assisting on strips at National Comics while still in art school. Later he did backgrounds and back-ups for Will Eisner on THE SPIRIT and migrated from there to Quality comics where he worked on later episodes of PLASTIC MAN and BLACKHAWK. Add to these credits a long career in newspaper advertising comic strips, ghosting for others, doing one-off stories for smaller companies like this Ziff-Davis horror story from a 1951 WEIRD ADVENTURES and STILL his greatest fame was ahead of him! In 1961, he was the initial artist on the still-running soap strip, APARTMENT 3-G, a gig he held until his death 35 years later!

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joe ackerman said...

I've never heard of him before, and this is nice. think I'm gonna have to look into him. not literally, of course. because that would be wrong.