Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Funnies!-1930's-1960's

For many of us as we were growing up, Sunday mornings meant the Sunday Funnies! Well, as I post this it's Sunday morning so here's a selection of color Sunday strips dating from the thirties to the sixties and spotlighting many of your favorite characters and creators! Click to make 'em REAL big!


Pastruki said...


I'm Nacho, from Argentina, and would like to purchase Bernie Krigstein's PIPE DREAM and KEY CHAIN... gif, jpg, whatever.

Do you know where can I get it?

Thanks a lot, cool stuff in your blog!


Nacho (

Gloria Baker said...

I love all these and read a lot of them but I think here was about 1965 all arrive later here in these times anyway I only read we dont have TV until 1970 I think but comics were my all world love Nancy and Ben Bolt and ARchie ah what nice thanks by a fun time
Gloria from Chile

Ian Sexton said...

Thanks for the Raboy Flash Gordon 1949 upload.I have the 4Dark Horse books. b/w doesn't do this superb example of foto realism, justice.