Saturday, May 5, 2012

Captain Milksop-Charles Voight-1945

We've run four posts of comics drawn by Charles Voight previously and all four were quite popular. Here we have another one as Voight tackles the ever-popular superhero parody genre. 


Daniel [] said...

I notice each page of this story is padded — pretty literally — by a colored rectangle between the bottom panels and the bottom margin. This is not the first time that I've seen this done, but I wonder what possessed the publisher to do such a thing. Why not increase the top and bottom margins a bit or even — dare I say it? — put a tiny bit more art on each page? Was there some idea that buyers would think the colored rectangle represented more value for their dimes?

Booksteve said...

Although this was from ZOOM COMICS, according to GCD, it was probably leftover material from RED BAND COMICS which always had that red band at the bottom. Now, why THEY had the red band at the bottom I have no idea other than perhaps some misguided attempt at branding.,