Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Mystery of Mr. Wong-Tom Hickey-1939

From 4 consecutive issues of POPULAR COMICS in 1939, here's an adaptation of the B movie mystery, THE MYSTERY OF MR WONG from that same year. James Lee Wong was a noted Oriental criminologist in the classic Charlie Chan/Mr. Moto tradition and was played onscreen in a series of films--as unlikely as it seems--by the great Boris Karloff! Touted as the scariest man in movies less than a decade earlier, the aristocratic British actor here played a soft-spoken Chinese detective and, proving just how good an actor he was, it worked. Art here--at least in the final, signed section-- is by one Tom Hickey and I question whether this story might first have appeared in newspapers due to the copyright notice that turns up throughout the pages.

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sdestefano said...

Handsome looking strip.