Thursday, March 3, 2011

Doc Savage-Pefs-1948

Doc Savage didn't always look like Steve Holland in those sixties and seventies James Bama paintings. In fact, except for those covers and the much later Marvel comics he NEVER looked like that. Most of the time in the original pulps or the spin-off Street & Smith comics, he looked like an ordinary fella. For a while in the comics he wore this neo-Egyptian headgear, probably in an attempt to give him an identifiable "look." Here, in a late forties issue of THE SHADOW, Doc is back to looking ordinary. The story is signed "Pefs." The rest of the issue, including a Nick Carter story, is by Bob Powell. While I don't find Pefs listed as one of Powell's many pen names, it kind of looks like this may also be Powell art.

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Nick Caputo said...


THanks for sharing this story. Before I even looked at the signature I thought "Powell", and many of the faces and figures look like his distinctive style, especially the faces and figures of the main characters. I suspect there is also other hands in places as well.