Friday, March 4, 2011

Bob Phantom-Irv Novick-1939

When I first heard of Bob Phantom in the mid-sixties Mighty Crusaders era, I thought sure that the name must be some sort of something with which I simply wasn't familiar--like a marsh phantom or an Irish ghost or some-such. But no...he's just a phantom...named "Bob", who wears a really dorky superhero outfit (albeit with kind of a cool mask!). He does, however, have the distinction of being MLJ's very first costumed superhero and he's seen here--by request--from his very first appearance in BLUE-RIBBON COMICS from 1939. Artist and co-creator (with Harry Shorten) would have a long career in comics ending up as one of the definitive Batman and Flash artists of the seventies.


sdestefano said...

Steve, you're the best.

Daniel [] said...

“Bob Phantom” has to be the perfect name for a character if that era!