Monday, March 28, 2011

Minnie Soo and Little HaHa-Crown Comics-1948

Here's more cute but politically incorrect cartooning from 1948. This one comes from CROWN COMICS and...well...that's about the extent of what I know about it.


Elle said...

Minnie Soo & Little HaHa were conceived by my father Ralph Heimdahl. Google his name. His cartoon at the time was never meant to be demeaning to the Native Americans. He had a great deal of respect for them and appreciated their culture. We were brought up to see the differences in all the cultures. How many times have you seen a Scandinavian made fun of? Tim Conway does an amazing job of this, but it's thought of as funny. I think it's funny. Anyway, my father came from the Disney Studios as an original. He & my mom both were in the original class of animators. My father was also among those who went on strike in the 30s against the Disney Studios. Nevertheless, whatever you say make sure you know all about the artist.

Booksteve said...

Thanks much for the info! Personally I think it's lovely art and wonderful, funny cartooning. I was simply making reference--as I tend to do for a number of the older stories-- to the fact that by today's standards we'd never even see characters like these.