Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gun-Fight at Grogan's Gap-Matt Baker-1959

One doesn't normally associate pioneering African-American comics artist Matt Baker with the western genre. Jungle girls, horror stories, Phantom Lady...but not cowboys. This 1959 Stan Lee story would have been one of Baker's final works as he died in August of the year it was published. Can't say much for this story but visually the artist's style was arguably better than ever. Since he was at the fledgling Marvel during this period, it would have been interesting to see where Stan would have used him as the superheroes started to emerge.


edsquid said...

Baker could do it all. This is the first full western i've seen. Thanks for this!

Piperson said...

Wow, can you imagine if he lived, he might have worked for the early Marvel. Though I really can't see him there. I imagine he would end up the way Bill Everett or Wally Wood ended up, doing an issue or two and taking off. If he was lucky, he could end up like Dick Ayers, inking Kirby.