Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hornswoggled-Jack Bradbury(?)-1944

GCD is unsure if this is by the great Jack Bradbury but it sure is pretty if it isn't. A fun and funny story with a very expressionistic moose dealing with his first exposure to a moose call. This is from the very first (of only two) issues of LAFFY-DAFFY COMICS from Rural Home Press, oddly enough based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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RobbK1 said...

This story was NOT drawn by the great former Disney animator, Jack Bradbury - but was, rather, drawn by the great former Disney animator, Ken Hultgren. Both worked for Ben Sangor's studio of moonlighting animators, who fed funny animal artwork and storywriting to Rural Home/Croyden, Ned Pines' Better/Nedor/Standard, Ben Sangor's Creston/American Comics Group, and National/D.C. Comics from 1939-1957.