Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Wraith-Mystery Men Comics-1941

No relation to Michael T. Gilbert's affectionate SPIRIT parody, this 1941 character owes more to DC's SPECTRE with whom he almost shares an inverted color scheme. No clue once again as to who's behind it, though. It's as mysterious as the Wraith himself.

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Daniel [] said...

I can't say that I much care for superheroes who allow the central crime to be committed, especially when that crime entails the killing of an innocent victim.

I wonder how Gary negotiated the whole business of preventing Irene from learning whose corpse had been snatched. (Of course, the early Spectre, and the Spectre of the bronze age and beyond, would have bypassed the authorities, and just dealt with John Carrol's disposition himself and to his own satisfaction.)