Sunday, March 25, 2012

Captain Marvel in Cincinnati-1944

In the mid-forties, Fawcett's Captain Marvel was the most popular comic book of them all according to a number of sources. In 1944, Billy Batson and Cap took a tour of the US, visiting different cities in stories with local tie-ins. Being from Cincinnati myself (on the Kentucky side) I couldn't resist sharing Billy's Queen City visit. Local references include the long-gone Reds player Johnny Vandermeer and their long-gone Crosley Field. Also the still very much there Union Terminal, Fountain Square and WLW radio. Other than that it's a fun story but nothing special. But that's just it about the Golden Age Captain Marvel stories. They didn't need to be special to still be better than most other companies' stories. 

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Richard Ranke said...

Captain Marvel visited a few cities in Ohio,but I doubt he ever visited Cleveland. That's where I live.