Monday, November 21, 2011

Barbie's Baton-Barbie and Ken-1963

Here's everybody's favorite doll, Barbie, in one of a surprising amount of comic book adventures she's had over the years from various different companies. This one, says GCD with a question mark, is maybe by Vince Colletta. I'll give you probably his inks but I'd guess the pencils are more likely the prolific Tony Tallarico who worked a lot at Dell after the split with Western that led to the creation of Gold Key.


Martin OHearn said...

I'd credit John Tartaglione with the pencils; he pencilled for Colletta on other Dells like Dr. Kildare.

Booksteve said...

If you say Tartaglione, Martin, then I'm willing to go with it as you expertise in these matters is well known. Thanx!