Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sub-Mariner-Mike Sekowsky-1948

I pride myself on being able to recognize Mike Sekowsky's art from about 1952 on in a matter of seconds (and you'd be surprised how often that's come up!) but his earlier art, particularly at Timely, often baffles me. GCD says this incredibly oddball, wacky SUB-MARINER story is from Mike. 


john said...

thanks for sharing. i greatly appreciate it.

Daniel [] said...

It's just not the same without Namor throwing someone to his death from the Statue.

Rob Imes said...

Did Stan write this? The flippant tone of the dialogue ("Let's go inside the little iron lady and see what makes her tick!") kinda reminds me of his style. As well as the last line, "Who do you think I am, Captain America?" which is reminiscent of how, say, Peter Parker would think "Does Ant-Man ever have days like this?"