Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comics Convention!-Grass Green-1970

Here's another hidden gem that remains unindexed on GCD. From the back pages of Charlton's ABBOTT& COSTELLO in 1970, here's Grass Green detailing the experience of attending a comics convention, something many of you should be able to relate to at this time of the year even now. Possibly written by Steve Skeates? Or maybe by Richard himself.


Professor Fester said...

I asked Steve this morning if he had, indeed, written this story and he told me:
Nope! Ain't me! Just from the tone of the piece, I suspect that Grass both wrote and drew it! Since some stuff by Grass and myself showed up in the Abbott and Costello book -- in my opinion the best being our two-part far-out fairy tale
entitled Little Orphan Riding Hood that made the scene in issues 5 and 6 -- Grass may have submitted this for use in one of the much later issues of that book, once I was no longer working on it, though they were still using up a number of my one-page stories! Just guessing, though!"
I hopes this at least partially solves the mystery of who the writer may be.

Unknown said...

Great story.. I used to grab any comic no one else wanted.. friends older sisters old stash of romance etc.. Found some Winners in back of Go Go comic and other "not for boy's" fare.. worth the search,,