Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bungle Island-Ed Nofziger-1969

Ed Nofziger was a cartoonist known for his animal drawings that appeared in THE NEW YORKER, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST and prestigious publications like them. He was also an important animator and illustrated many books. I for one would have loved to have seen much more of his fun and funny art in actual comic books!


John R. Platt said...

This is insanely beautiful. Where was it first published?

Booksteve said...

This was actually in the back pages of a DENNIS THE MENACE comic book! I always avoided Dennis like the plague as a kid and have been delighted in recent years to discover that every single issue is a gem, not just for the main stories (better than the comic panel/strip or the TV series!) but also for some unusual backups like this!

John R. Platt said...

Wow. I need to go shopping.