Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mr. Mystic-Fred Guardineer-1944

Anyone who knows anything about this sort of thing knows that Bob Powell drew MR. MYSTIC, one of the back-up strips in Will Eisner's SPIRIT SECTION. Only...not always. Here's our hero by Fred Guardineer, remembered more for his long-time association with DC's own mystic man, ZATARA THE MAGICIAN.

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Tom Stein said...

Fred Guardineer went on to draw for Lev Gleason comics. The work he did in 1950,for the title, Crime Does Not Pay, is even better than his Mr. Mystic art. Guardineer was a huge influence on Charles Burns, almost to the point of direct swipes of Guardineer's panels. Check it out, you'll be shocked like I was!