Friday, July 13, 2012

Batty and The Green Grumble-1966

From late 1966, here's Batty and the Green Grumble, rather obvious parodies of Batman and The Green Hornet although these guys are on the other side of the law. Some not bad Gold Key cartoon art by a typically anonymous and undoubtedly West Coast artist.

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Daniel [] said...

Mind you that an actual Batman comic book of the same era would have featured a super-villain deliberately stealing doilies, and Batman and Elfie puzzling over why the villain would be interested in them.

Ultimately, the stolen doilies would be revealed either to be part of a conceptual sequence (that included doilies but also something more apparently valuable) or to be some ridiculous means for some greater crime. To the mortified surprise of the villain, Batman would have realized all of this in advance.