Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sgt. Furious & His Hostile Commandos-John Severin-1967

John Severin's death has been reported today. A nearly lifelong favorite of mine, I wrestled with which story of his to post in tribute as he never, ever had a half-hearted piece. I finally settled on this story, written by the very much in the news this week Gary Friedrich and drawn by Severin. A note-perfect MAD-style parody of SGT FURY & HIS HOWLING COMMANDOS--by that title's then-current team (often with penciler Dick Ayers), this NOT BRAND ECHH tale was most likely the very first exposure I ever had to both writer and artist back in 1967. R.I.P. John Severin. 

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Anonymous said...

I grew up reading Sgt. Fury & vividly remember this spoof story. Sad to see another great talent leave us :( R.I.P. Mr. Severin