Monday, February 20, 2012

The Man Who Grew Wings-Sid Greene-1956

All comics fans know that Julie Schwartz was pretty much behind the Silver Age modernization of the forties DC superheroes beginning with the Flash. Hawkman would be a relative latecomer to the party but...he could have been first! Here we have a Post-Golden Age, Pre-Silver Age Hawkman-like character with a sci-fi twist from STRANGE ADVENTURES in 1956. Art here is by Sid Greene and Joe Giella, two illustrators known more for their inking at DC than for their pencilling. 

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100Aliases said...

This is legitimately fascinating. Had readers responded well enough for this character to recieve follow-ups, he really would be a contender for beginning the Silver Age revival.

Hell, considering the clusterfuck Hawkman's legacy became, there isn't anything to even rule this out of happening in the DCU.