Thursday, February 16, 2012

Experiment 1000-Nick Cardy-1957

Artist Nick Cardy did some amazing work in comics, mainly for DC, from the fifties through the seventies and early eighties. He was so good that the company used him a lot...and when he worked fast, he wasn't as good. Looking at something like this early gorilla story, however, is enough to make a comics fan drool. It was 1957, the EC artists had spread to the winds and comics were pretty bland...even the good ones! Then you see something like this. Panel after panel--the lighting, the shadows, the detail, the unique visual characterizations! This was probably a throwaway piece for Cardy, a quick assignment for a quick buck. But without even trying, he made it all so beautiful!

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Krent Able said...

Yep, Beautiful. Enjoyed the Nostrand vampire one too..keep 'em coming!