Monday, February 20, 2012

Hawkman-Joe Kubert-1948

We just ran a yellow-hooded Hawkman story by Kubert back in December but just today we'e had a request for another as well as a request for more Kubert in general (even though we just ran more the other day!). So who am I to NOT give the public what they want? Especially since I've always enjoyed yellow-hooded Hawkman stories by Kubert! Thus one happens to be his final Golden Age story but for another year or so of appearances with the JSA in ALL STAR COMICS.


Bob Lilly said...

What can I say...I love Joe Kubert. He is a great storyteller. He draws with the ink while doing the finished art. Joe has always been very encouraging to all of us cartoonist wannabes. Thanks for the post.

Mike P said...

Just came across this. Wonderful work (even if it's pirated). I noticed it's signed "Flitz" on the splash next to the figure, then "Kubert" under by the text. Any ideas why?

Booksteve said...

That actually reads FL112, the "FL" referring to FLASH COMICS and the 112 referring to the job # of the story.