Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Woody Woodpecker-New Funnies-1942

Not really an early comics crossover, Woody, although his star would eventually shine much brighter, was merely a semi-regular supporting animal (or to be more precise, bird), in the stories of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in NEW FUNNIES. Filled with cutesy animal strips, this long-running Walter Lantz anthology also featured ANDY PANDA, FELIX THE CAT and one of the most blatantly racist strips around, L'IL EIGHTBALL. 


Daniel [] said...

Good L_rd! The bunny likes rare hamburger!

Although many of your readers will already know this, it is perhaps worth mentioning that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, though he slipt into obscurity, was hugely significant in the history of animation.

Unknown said...

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i like oswald cartoons, especially when disney made it from 1927 to 1928^^

Richard Ranke said...

This was a really early story,considering how Woody looked and acted. Thanks for the early appearance of Woody.