Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rick Howard, the Mystery Rider-Charles M. Quinlan-1948

From EXCITING COMICS,  here's the first appearance of The LONE RAN...AhEm! I mean, of course, RICK HOWARD, THE MYSTERY RIDER! Well...not really all that much of a mystery. He's Rick Howard. In fact, I went to high school with a Rick Howard but I don't think this is the same one. 


Daniel [] said...

Odds in the game of faro, when played according to the rules, significantly favor the dealer. Players who didn't understand this bias would often infer that dealers were cheating if they did notably better than the other players. The business of being a faro dealer was thus one of finding players in a sort of interval — over-confident in their understanding of the odds, yet not so confident that they would resort to violence based on a conflict of observed distributions with their expectations.

Smurfswacker said...

I'd never noticed it before, but some of Quinlan's art here, especially the faces, remind me of Russ Heath. I wonder whether Quinlan was an influence on Heath, or whether it's just coincidence.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Ah the Golden age of comics! There were almost as many Lone Ranger wanna-be's as there were guys in turbans doing magic. These Lone Clone's had names that all played off of the epithets of the LR: The Masked Raider, The Lone Rider, the Mask rider of the planes, ect ect. One guy had an eagle as a side kick instead of an Indian.

There's only one Lone Ranger, silver bullets, Horse Named Silver, Side Kick named Tonto (real name was John Reed).

"who was that masked man? I wanted to thank him."

"Why don't you know? that was, ...wait, who publishes this comic?"