Friday, February 7, 2014

Marvelous Maureen-Lori Walls-1985

When one thinks of Archie and superheroes, one thinks of Pureheart the Powerful and Captain Hero...or maybe Fly Man and The Mighty Crusaders. But Marvelous Maureen? She had her own backup series in PEP COMICS, the original home of The Shield, The Black Hood and, yes, Archie himself!


Unknown said...

Would you by any chance have more Marvelous Maureen issues? I'm going nuts trying to get them all - I had every issue from my comic-collecting days, but, sadly, mice got to them - I've tracked some issues down, & I thank you for printing her very last story (printed above), but I still have a while - I have some additional information on the series, as I knew the real Maureen - I will explain more later. Anyway, please let me know, thank you

Booksteve said...

Here's a site with quite a few of her stories.