Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mr. Miracle-Ray Willner-1941

Everyone knows that comic book hero Mr. Miracle was inspired by Jim Steranko and was one of Jack Kirby's most enduring creations for DC. Only this isn't THAT Mr. Miracle. Artist Ray Willner did some collaborations with Reed Crandall as well as work on his own in several genres.


jim said...

Looks like he's the Spectre's first cousin
(once or twice removed, of course!!).

Daniel [] said...

This Mr. Miracle seems to be largely a clone of the original Vision. Since the latter was the creation of Simon and Kirby (albeït as Dead End Kids might reïnvision the Spectre), it seems plausible that Mr. Miracle would have been brought to Kirby's attention, and memory thereöf might have led him to use a virtually identical name for his bronze-age character.