Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Come Clean-Bullwinkle and Rocky-1973

Al Kilgore was a brilliant cartoonist who wrote and drew some hilarious Bullwinkle and Rocky stories. Unfortunately Al Kilgore did NOT write or draw this one. In fact, had the artist ever even seen a picture of Bullwinkle? Look at those tiny antlers! And speaking of tiny, in some panels, the Moose appears to be the same size as Boris. You'll be happy to know that by the following issue, the antlers, at least, were back to normal!

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Daniel [] said...

I s'pose that it's far too much of a stretch to blame this work on Dick Sprang, but making the antlers ridiculously tiny does bring him to my mind. (No help in Bullwinkle's torso being shaped like a sausage, as it was always that way.)