Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mr. Moody's Amazing Hats-Beyond the Grave-1982

This is a fun few pages but the artist's name goes uncredited. It's a Charlton comic from the early 1980s but if I absolutely had to make a guess, it looks to me like the work of Frank Springer...or maybe Jack Sparling...neither of whom was hanging around at Charlton during that period to my knowledge. But, yeah, I'd go with Springer.


Professor Fester said...

This was originally in Beyond The Grave #2 (Oct 1975), reprinted in #7 (Jan 1983).
The art is by Jack Sparling, as listed in "Charlton News" section of THE COMIC READER #120.


Booksteve said...

Thanks, Professor! I was almost right. I never realized how close Sparling's style was to Springer's!

Smurfswacker said...

Definitely Sparling...more whimsical than most of his stuff. I believe the bald, bearded guy in page 3 panel 3 is Sparling himself. I've never seen a picture of Sparling but this fellow shows up repeatedly in Sparling's later work, often wearing a beret (like when he was lettering Johnny Double's name on his office door).