Monday, February 17, 2014

The Flying Fool-Gil Kane (?), Frank Giacoia (?)-1946

There's some question as to the art here with one source saying Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia, another saying Gil Kane and Bernard Sachs and GCD saying possibly Giacoia on both pencils AND inks! I'm leaning toward Kane/Sachs, if only cause our hero's cap makes him look like SPACE CABBY.


Daniel [] said...

It's quite something to imagine the amount of carbon that would be required to create a smoke-cover ge The Sergio Martinez Fire, a few years ago in San Diego County, didn't produce that quantity of smoke!

Unknown said...

I only remember Kane from the seventies but his art came a long way since then. It says in pencil Kane s on the first page, so maybe sachs did the inking? Anyway, it's nice to see the progression of an artist.