Friday, February 7, 2014

Fred Guardineer and The Blue Tracer-1941/1975

Now this is interesting. Shaun Clancy posted these black and white pages on Facebook. They are NOT the original art from this story from MILITARY COMICS in 1941 but rather redrawn pages by the original artist as done in 1975! Read the text accompanying the first black and white page for more details. Then enjoy comparing the difference 34 years made. Thanks, Shaun!


Daniel [] said...

I'd previously seen the later work, but this is my first look at the original, and here you've presented them for ready comparison! Cool!

Darci said...

Hi Steve,
Interesting that the journalist's name was Lola Thomas. I'm guessing it's an allusion to Lowell Thomas?

The list of sunken ships that Death was updating is correct up through the Robin Moor (May 21, 1941). There really was a U-17, but it survived until its crew scuttled it on May 5, 1945.