Friday, February 28, 2014

Birth of the Telephone-Joe Sinnott-1967

I never saw an issue of TREASURE CHEST outside of the nickel boxes in junk shops when I was growing up. And I never looked at them because I was not Catholic and I was told they were Catholic comic books. Boy, what I missed! This issue alone had art by Fran Matera, Reed Crandall and, seen here the great Joe Sinnott!


Daniel [] said...

Debates over whether Bell were the first inventor of the telephone, or even truly an independent inventor of the telephone, began almost immediately after he received a patent, and seem never to end. Those ferociously committed to the idea that he were some sort of thief are either unaware of the full range of evidence an analysis, or studiously committed to ignoring some of it; but there is at least some reason to suspect that he may not have been the first independent inventor of the telephone.

Honestly, in spite of the quality of artists who sometimes worked on the comic books for Pflaum, and those for Dell and for Western with a higher degree of representational realism, these things almost always seemed and seem rather stale to me. It is as if the artists were terribly constrained editorially, and motivated to do no better than work that would not be an embarrassment.

ZeppoManx said...

Wen I was little I had a friend who had the Treasure Chest comics and I was quite taken with the "Henrietta, The Flying Flivver." stories. Decades later I bought some off ebay. and later I found them online here