Friday, October 18, 2013

Yoe Books Presents-The Killer From Saturn-Jack Cole-1953

For the run of the contest leading up to halloween, we will be presenting some creepy pre-code horror stories from Yoe Books' CHILLING ARCHIVES OF HORROR that we and several of our fellow bloggers are giving away! To start, we have this beautifully drawn tale from the just released JACK COLE'S DEADLY HORROR! Cole, the creator of Plastic Man, was, in my opinion, one of the closest things to a PERFECT comic book artist. Although genuine;y renowned fro his superhero work, his girlie cartoons, his violent crime stories and his late in life comic strip, often glossed over is his horror work from the fifties, ALL of which has been collected by Yoe! Read the story, then email us at and tell us YOUR favorite horror artist. and you, too, can WIN all 5 volumes in this great series!

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