Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yoe Books Presents: The Body Maker-Warren Kremer-1952

Certainly one of the most amazing but unsung horror artists would be Warren Kremer, later best known for his cutesy kids stuff. He's also been a favorite amongst those of you entering our giveaway contest! Who knows? Maybe the NEXT volume in the Chilling Archives will be a Warren Kremer volume.

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jim said...

That was a very (good) creepy story. The Kremer art was excellent.
Did I detect some Bill Everett "influence" in the art, especially with the female characters??

Daniel [] said...

Uh, from 3:5, I guess that we may infer that Dr Payn had a thing for shoes.

Daniel [] said...

I wouldn't want to deny influence by Everett; but I think that the imitation of Caniff is more evident.