Friday, October 11, 2013

Mlle. Marie-Mort Drucker-1959

Here we have the great caricaturist Mort Drucker, known for his DC humor comics and his MAD work. I've always been particularly enamored of his more serious work and here we have a choice example.


Martin OHearn said...

I've always found it amusing that Mademoiselle Marie's thoughts are in the same English wiz ze French accent as her speech.

Daniel [] said...

Yes, but even the use of accented English as a stand-in for French or German _speech_ is a bit silly.

With printed text, it was possible to use a visual signal to indicate translation, but here they've just adopted the convention of audio presentations. (Subtitles were not even possible in radio, and the presumption was that audiences for movies and for television couldn't or wouldn't read them.)

My father once suggested that a parody of G-8 ought to have all the text, including the narration, be in that of whichever territory the action were set, such that languages would immediately change as battle lines were crossed.

Daniel [] said...

Some of this art very much reminds me of Jim Aparo's work, towards the end of his time at Charlton and in the beginning of that at DC.