Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yoe Books Presents: Jack of Horror-Bob Powell-1952

Bob Powell, like Jack Cole, was both prolific and better than most of the rest in his chosen industry. He, too, covered all possible genres from the late forties into the early sixties where some of his final work was on the Human Torch and Thing stories in Marvel's STRANGE TALES and on DAREDEVIL stories with Wally Wood.

This story is also featured in the hardcover collection BOB POWELL'S TERROR which you can WIN free as part of the 5 Chilling Archives of Horror collections being given away in conjunction with IDW and Yoe Books! Email us at and tell us YOUR favorite horror artist! Then go to the other sites below and enter again for 5 total chances to win the full set! See the October 17th post for full rules.

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