Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spectro, Master of Magic-Al Camy-1948

Here's another Mandrake wannabe, this one only different from all the rest because of a particularly cheesy cape and a penchant for punching out the bad guys as often as hexing them. Art is by the wonderfully named Al Camy (actually Al Cammarata).

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Daniel [] said...

I suppose that one might explain Spectro as having some ethical compunction against reading minds until there were some amount of evidence that the target were a villain; otherwise, it would seem that Spectro should simply have read the mind of Mr Pedant.

The gimmicks of this story could have made for a better tale; but, had he written that better tale, the writer probably wouldn't have been paid any more than whatever he was, and would have had to wait longer for a pay-check. None-the-less, the composition of the introductory splash panel seems really ill-advised. Even before we learn of Mr Pedant's gentle reputation, we have been told that he's the leading villain, and he every action has been made suspect.