Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Air Wave-George Roussos-1943

On the Book of Face, that Stephen DeStefano has been going on again about how great the late George Roussos was. I can't really see it myself except when we're talking Golden Age when "Inky's" Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson/Mort Meskin-inspired work on AIR WAVE in DETECTIVE COMICS still blows me away. 


Daniel [oeconomist.com] said...

Some of this work looks rather like something that Wood would have done for Mad Comics — albe├»t that Wood's work would have been significantly more polished.

Smurfswacker said...

I've gone back and forth on Roussos; I was prejudiced by his inking on early Marvels, which I didn't like. But (if you'll forgive a link to my blog), stuff like this proves he was a very capable illustrator:


Booksteve said...

I don't mind at all since it's on topic and you asked so nicely. If anyone hasn't noticed, the surest way to get your comment rejected here is to slip in a link to something that isn't related.

As far as your post there, I agree that's all George (and lovely!) and no Mort. While I'm not a HUGE expert, I was researching Mort all afternoon yesterday for Craig Yoe and I don't see him here other than in his influence on George.

macsnafu said...

Air Wave had a fantastic, colorful costume! But I thought his ability to "skate" on telephone lines was rather silly. The Hal Jordan version of Air Wave had a more interesting, if even less probable, ability. Frankly, George Roussos has never impressed me very much, although this particular story is well-drawn.