Friday, March 1, 2013

Bride of Doom-Jay Disbrow-1952

I like this one because of its"punchline" which reads almost like a very quirky TV commercial for instant cameras! Some typically unique artwork from Jayson Disbrow.


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Daniel [] said...

Joe did not himself seem particularly extraordinary, and had yet some atypical and unexplained understanding of the supernatural.

It was to be expected that a photograph would reveal something, but Joe is promising in 3:4 that no harm will come to Linda if she continues on with him. So apparently Joe already knows what Lorelei suggests in 4:4. (Even still, it was needlessly risky to drag Linda along. She could have driven to a place of greater safety while Joe stealthily pursued Bill.)

(Speaking of knowledge, one has to wonder what Joe was doing with the previous weeks of investigation, that he was unaware of similarities when listening to Bill.)