Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hourman and Thorndyke-Bernard Baily-1942

If you haven't checked out my DAYS OF ADVENTURE blog, chronicling the first 503 issues --the entire original run--of one of DC's longest-running comics, it'll be finishing up in April, highlighting the features that ran between 1936 and 1983. One such is HOURMAN, here seen in a late story with his second kid sidekick, Thorndyke.


Daniel [] said...

I like Baily's earlier work, and his later work, a lot more than I like this work. But I suppose that it were a pretty good fit with much of the rest of what was being produced by DC at that time.

rnigma said...

Thorndyke couldn't be any worse than Percival Popp.

rnigma said...

Come to think of it, wasn't there a character in Bill Loebs' "Journey" that also had his turtleneck pulled over his mouth?