Thursday, April 26, 2012

Willy-A Date With Judy-1953

Some lively art here on the yet another sorta/kinda Archie clone found as back-up strip--in this case in an issue of DC's radio-based comic, A DATE WITH JUDY.

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Daniel [] said...

I figure that, at base, this sort of comic was in imitation of Henry Aldrich, of Andy Hardy, &c. But I wonder who, exactly, were the audience seeking-out those stories.

In own my life, I have not known many such youths. Before my teens, I didn't aspire to become a fool. As a teen, I managed not to be this sort of fool, and certainly wouldn't have been amused to see myself reflected in this way if I had been.

I certainly don't know that any sort of Schadenfreude is driving these stories, but perhpas it might be, in which case I wonder who is doing the resenting of whom. Girls angry at boys? men envious of boys?