Friday, April 13, 2012

Boom Boom Brannigan-Charles Voight-1946

Here's yet another beautifully drawn Charles Voight story from just about a year before his death. The art has a kind of sophisticated, newspaper strip look. The feature is yet another boxing strip, a seemingly odd choice to be successful in comic books. 


BillyWitchDoctor said...

So the crooks and their victim both wind up behind bars, but only one as a freakshow. Oh well, the times and all that.

While boxing may be an unusual subject for comic books (lord knows Japanese mangas build insane volumes out of far less exciting sports) this is one wild, detailed story, far more of a "novel" than the vast majority of its modern "graphic" brethren.

And every image of poor Urko is a freakin' masterpiece, from his terrifying close-ups to his rampage in the ring to the way he creams his opponents with the most casual gestures.

I think I love this comic.

Terry McCombs said...

At the time a boxing hero isn’t all that unusual, after all at the time Joe Palooka was going well, and just 10 years earlier I think there there were at least three fiction pulps devoted to boxing themed fiction.