Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Pretender-Paul Reinman-1962

Here's a little Cold War intrigue with a twist from Paul Reinman, notable as a major Green Lantern artist in the forties and the Jack Kirby of the Mighty Comics Group a few years later than this, the story here showcases what he could do at his best quite nicely.

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PatrickArsLonga said...

FRITZ -- Gee, I loved those Marvel reprints growing up, titles like 'Where Monsters Dwell' and 'Where Creatures Roam' or something like that. They reprinted the older monster stories that I guess never caught on as a series -- most likely because the monster came to its demise or returned to its faraway planet at the end. The great thing was those first splash pages to the stories with the new monster featured prominently. They weren't elaborate compositions of the monster in action tearing something up, but more like a character study presented almost like an illustration on a toy figurine box. I think a collection of those splash pages together would be satisfying to see (probably already done at Rip Dagger's Dojo somewhere).