Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dr. Mortal-Bert Whitman-1940

This is....I mean....Well...You see...Well...WTF!!??



Daniel [] said...

I've not seen all the canonical stories of Dr Mortal, but every one of those stories that I have seen, he turned men (or their earthly remains) into Brutish Monsters at His Command. There weren't always farmers to set things right, but someone did, except for the part about ensuring that Dr Mortal proved himself well-named.

In his final canonical appearance (Weird #16), Dr Mortal was plugged by an officer of the law, who declared “Mortal's a goner!” Marlene expressed her doubts.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Awesome! It' Anton Arcane envisioned by Fletcher Hanks. A plan for world domination* undone by pitchforks! A depressed-looking villain with a name that suggests fragility! Fight scenes that are fifty percent text! A boundless supply of lion entrails**! Steam cabinet! SALVO!

*I assume. Or did he just have "careful plans" to randomly knock off a handful of local hicks?
**Again, assumed. Perhaps not so awesome.