Saturday, December 3, 2011

Suzanne-Al Hubbard-1959

 Meet Suzanne Bright, an ersatz Chuck Jones character who had a fairly extensive career as a backup strip in several of Dell's LOONEY TUNES titles of the fifties and early sixties. The big-headed kids and the black and white dog, of course, signal that this was, in fact, a PEANUTS ripoff...albeit a pretty good one.


Martin OHearn said...

Art by Al Hubbard, who knew something about drawing puppies for the Disney comics.

MFM said...

SUZANNE a ripoff of PEANUTS? Goodness no! Apples and oranges! SUZANNE was pure 1950s Boys vs Girls hijinx, absent any Schulz-esque philosophy. Suzanne and her "look" originated in a 1955 Friz Freleng cartoon. As he did with everything he touched, Al Hubbard took that character and RAN! SUZANNE was around for about 23 stories, 1956-60, in DAFFY DUCK and various Dell Giants. Yet another forgotten Hubbard charmer.