Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bucky Bug-Roger Armstrong-1951

Premiering in comic strips in 1932, Walt Disney's BUCKY BUG was never a film star (he appeared in only one film early on) but became a longtime fixture of Dell's Disney comic books and specials. This particular holiday appearance comes from WALT DISNEY'S CHRISTMAS PARADE in 1951.

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René Riva said...

Thanks ever so much for posting this, Steven. I like Bucky Bug very much. Unfortunately it's hard to come by his older adventures in the Netherlands. Bucky is known here as Tokkie Tor. Only one Tokkie Tor comic album was released in Holland in 1979. In the weekly Donald Duck comic Tokkie was (and is) also drawn by Dutch cartoonists. For me one of the best was the deceased Carol Voges.